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Subject[PATCH 0/5] Remove dead references
Dear all,

The domain lookup for fails for quite some time now.
Hence, webpages, the patchwork instance and Ralf Baechle's email there is
not reachable anymore.

First, I updated all sections in MAINTAINERS for references with
Then, I also quickly scanned through the whole git tree for
references, and step-wise filtered out obvious copyright holder lines and
references to old email addresses.

git ls-files | xargs grep "" | \
grep -v -i "Copyright" | grep -v -i "MODULE_AUTHOR" | grep -v -i "written" | \
grep -v "Ralf" | grep -v "Maciej" | grep -v "Yoichi" | grep -v "Ladislav"

I removed dead references or replaced them with their living counterparts if
available. However, these two cases remain and somebody might want to have a look:

1. case in ./arch/mips/include/asm/page.h:

* RELOC_HIDE was originally added by 6007b903dfe5f1d13e0c711ac2894bdd4a61b1ad
* (lmo) rsp. 8431fd094d625b94d364fe393076ccef88e6ce18 ( The
* discussion can be found in
* It is unclear if the misscompilations mentioned in
* also affect MIPS so we keep this one until GCC 3.x has been retired
* before we can apply

Decision: Keep as is. Although GCC 3.x is long retired, it is unclear what is and if it has been already
applied or not.
Question: does anyone know how to identify this patch?

2. case in ./drivers/parport/parport_ip32.c: tree is referred to in an old To do item:

* To do:
* Fully implement ECP mode.
* EPP and ECP mode need to be tested. I currently do not own any
* peripheral supporting these extended mode, and cannot test them.
* If DMA mode works well, decide if support for PIO FIFO modes should be
* dropped.
* Use the io{read,write} family functions when they become available in
* the tree. Note: the MIPS specific functions readsb()
* and writesb() are to be translated by ioread8_rep() and iowrite8_rep()
* respectively.

Decision: Keep as is; anyone that wants to follow up on this will probably
understand that the reference is outdated anyway.

Please comment on these clean-up patches on this administrative topic.

Patch set applies cleanly on next-20210222.



Lukas Bulwahn (5):
MAINTAINERS: mark sections from Ralf Baechle orphan
MAINTAINERS: remove references
arch: mips: update references to current linux-mips list
arch: mips: remove dead references
MIPS: SGI-IP27: fix spelling in Copyright

MAINTAINERS | 20 ++++++--------------
arch/mips/Kconfig | 8 +-------
arch/mips/jazz/Kconfig | 12 +++---------
arch/mips/kernel/r4k-bugs64.c | 2 +-
arch/mips/lib/iomap-pci.c | 2 +-
arch/mips/sgi-ip27/ip27-timer.c | 4 ++--
arch/mips/sgi-ip32/ip32-irq.c | 2 +-
tools/include/nolibc/nolibc.h | 3 +--
8 files changed, 16 insertions(+), 37 deletions(-)


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