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SubjectRe: [PATCH] rtw88: 8822ce: fix wifi disconnect after S3/S4 on HONOR laptop
陈浩 <> writes:

> By git blame command, I know that the assignment of =
> was in commit 44bc17f7f5b3b("rtw88: support wowlan feature for
> 8822c"),
> and another commit 7dc7c41607d19("avoid unused function warnings")
> pointed out rtw_pci_resume() and rtw_pci_suspend() are not used at
> all.
> So I think it's safe to remove them.
> Currently, I find that the rtl8822ce wifi chip and the pci bridge of
> it are not linked by pci
> after wake up by `lspci` command.
> when I set `pcie_aspm.policy=performance ` in the GRUB. The machine
> sleep and
> wake up normal.So I think when this ops is assignmented,the sleep and
> wake up procedure
> may cause pci device not linked.

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