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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4] reboot: allow to specify reboot mode via sysfs
On Tue 2020-11-10 21:27:46, Matteo Croce wrote:
> From: Matteo Croce <>
> The kernel cmdline reboot= option offers some sort of control
> on how the reboot is issued.
> Add handles in sysfs to allow setting these reboot options, so they
> can be changed when the system is booted, other than at boot time.

We already have a reboot syscall, do we need sysfs interface, too?

> +What: /sys/kernel/reboot/mode
> +Date: November 2020
> +KernelVersion: 5.11
> +Contact: Matteo Croce <>
> +Description: Reboot mode. Valid values are: cold warm hard soft gpio

> +What: /sys/kernel/reboot/type
> +Date: November 2020
> +KernelVersion: 5.11
> +Contact: Matteo Croce <>
> +Description: Reboot type. Valid values are: bios acpi kbd triple efi pci

what is difference between mode and type? What is difference between
cold and hard for example? WTF is gpio?

> +What: /sys/kernel/reboot/cpu
> +Date: November 2020
> +KernelVersion: 5.11
> +Contact: Matteo Croce <>
> +Description: CPU number to use to reboot.

Why should user care about this?

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