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Subject[REGRESSION] "add a disk_uevent helper" breaks booting Andorid w/ dynamic partitions
Hey all,
After updating to Linus' HEAD today I found my db845c board wouldn't
boot to android with the error below.

I was able to bisect the boot regression down to "block: add a
disk_uevent helper":

And have validated that reverting that change seems to get things working again.

I don't really know the dynamic partition DM details well, so any tips
as to what might be going wrong here would be appreciated!


[ 25.782268] init: [libfs_mgr]Skipping mounting '/dev/block/dm-0'
[ 25.788373] init: [libfs_mgr]Failed to open '/dev/block/dm-0': No
such file or directory
[ 25.796579] init:
No such file or directory
[ 25.807978] init: Failed to mount /system: No such file or directory
[ 25.814466] init: Failed to mount required partitions early ...
[ 25.820757] init: InitFatalReboot: signal 6
[ 25.833635] init: #00 pc 00000000003936a8 /init
(UnwindStackCurrent::UnwindFromContext(unsigned long, void*)+96)
[ 25.844001] init: #01 pc 00000000002f1df0 /init
[ 25.852340] init: #02 pc 00000000002f21d8 /init
[ 25.863211] init: #03 pc 000000000000053c [vdso:0000007f97c34000]
[ 25.869449] init: #04 pc 000000000045ffb0 /init (abort+176)
[ 25.875163] init: #05 pc 00000000002f714c /init
(android::init::InitAborter(char const*)+44)
[ 25.883760] init: #06 pc 000000000034dc98 /init
(android::base::SetAborter(std::__1::function<void (char
const*)>&&)::$_3::__invoke(char const*)+80)
[ 25.897241] init: #07 pc 000000000034d840 /init
[ 25.906002] init: #08 pc 00000000002e93a8 /init
(android::init::FirstStageMain(int, char**)+6648)
[ 25.915039] init: #09 pc 000000000045ee58 /init
(__real_libc_init(void*, void (*)(), int (*)(int, char**, char**),
structors_array_t const*, bionic_tc)
[ 25.929411] init: Reboot ending, jumping to kernel

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