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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/3] add params and ids to support nist_p384
On 2/22/21 12:58 PM, Saulo Alessandre wrote:
> From: Saulo Alessandre <>
> * crypto/asymmetric_keys/x509_cert_parser.c
> - prepare x509 parser to load nist_secp384r1
> * crypto/ecc_curve_defs.h
> - add nist_p384 params
> * include/crypto/ecdh.h
> - add ECC_CURVE_NIST_P384
> * include/linux/oid_registry.h
> - reorder OID_id_ecdsa_with_sha1
> - add OID_id_secp384r1
> Signed-off-by: Saulo Alessandre <>

I would separate this patch into an x509: and certs: part since it
touches two subsystems.

I can take this series of patches and post my v9 including them at the
end. This would make it easier for others to test. I would massage them
a bit, including the separation of the 1st patch into 2 patches, if you
don't mind, preserving your Signed-off-by. I need to fix something in my
v8 regarding registration failure handling. Let me know whether this is
fine with you.

I had tested your patches over the weekend with my endless test tool
creating keys in user space and loading them into the kernel. It worked
fine for NIST p256 & p384. Also signing kernel modules with NIST p384 is
working fine.

So, for the series:

Tested-by: Stefan Berger <>



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