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SubjectRe: R: [PATCH v1] watchdog: wdat: add param. to start wdog on module insertion
On 2/19/21 6:01 AM, Flavio Suligoi wrote:
> Hi Mika,
>>> const struct wdat_instruction *instr, u32 *value)
>>> {
>>> @@ -437,6 +443,8 @@ static int wdat_wdt_probe(struct platform_device
>> *pdev)
>>> }
>>> wdat_wdt_boot_status(wdat);
>>> + if (start_enabled)
>>> + wdat_wdt_start(&wdat->wdd);
>> No objections to this if it is really needed. However, I think it is
>> better start the watchdog after devm_watchdog_register_device() has been
>> called so we have everything initialized.
> Yes, it is needed. We need this feature to enable the watchdog
> as soon as possible and this is essential for unmanned applications,
> such as routers, water pumping stations, climate data collections,
> etc.
FWIW, in your use case the watchdog should be enabled in the

> Right, ok for the correct positioning of the wdat_wdt_start function
> at the end of the watchdog device initialization. Thanks!

No, it isn't, because it won't set WDOG_HW_RUNNING, and the
watchdog core won't know that the watchdog is running.
The watchdog has to be started before the call to
wdat_wdt_set_running(). If that isn't possible with the
current location of wdat_wdt_set_running(), then
wdat_wdt_set_running() has to be moved accordingly.
Either case, both have to be called before calling

Having said that, I'd prefer to have a module parameter
in the watchdog core. We already have a number of similar
module parameters in various drivers, all named differently,
and I'd rather not have more.


>>> wdat_wdt_set_running(wdat);
>>> ret = wdat_wdt_enable_reboot(wdat);
>>> --
>>> 2.25.1
> Regards,
> Flavio

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