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SubjectRe: [v3 net-next 08/10] skbuff: reuse NAPI skb cache on allocation path (__build_skb())
On Wed, 2021-02-10 at 12:25 +0000, Alexander Lobakin wrote:
> Paolo Abeni <> on Wed, 10 Feb 2021 11:21:06 +0100 wrote:
> > Perhaps giving the device drivers the ability to opt-in on this infra
> > via a new helper - as done back then with napi_consume_skb() - would
> > make this change safer?
> That's actually a very nice idea. There's only a little in the code
> to change to introduce an ability to take heads from the cache
> optionally. This way developers could switch to it when needed.
> Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely absorb them into the code
> and give it a test.

Quick reply before is too late. I suggest to wait a bit for others
opinions before coding - if others dislike this I would regret wasting
your time.



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