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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] power: supply: bq25980: Applies multiple fixes brought on
On Wed, 10 Feb 2021 at 00:52, Ricardo Rivera-Matos
<> wrote:
> fix: corrects various register step size and offset values
> fix: corrects bq25980_get_input_curr_lim() and bq25980_set_input_curr_lim()
> fix: corrects bq25980_get_const_charge_curr() and bq25980_set_const_charge_curr()
> fix: corrects BQ25960_BATOVP_MIN_uV, BQ25960_BATOVP_OFFSET_uV,
> BQ25960_BATOVP_STEP_uV, and BQ25960_BATOVP_MAX_uV
> fix: corrects busocp_sc_min and busocp_byp_min members
> fix: removes unnecessary polarity check from bq25980_get_adc_ibus()
> fix: removes unnecessary polarity check from bq25980_get_adc_ibat()
> fix: clamps ibat_adc to match datasheet change

Thanks for the patch.

Only one fix at a time and please exactly describe what is being fixed
using proper sentences (starting with capital letter, ending with a
full stop... and usually description needs multiple of such
sentences). You add here multiple changes without proper description
of a problem being fixed. This is not the correct style of a patch.

Best regards,

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