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SubjectRe: Linux 5.15-rc4
On Sun, Oct 03, 2021 at 02:26:40PM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> This release continues to look pretty normal after the initial
> hiccups. At least going purely by number of commits, we're right smack
> dab in the middle of the normal range for this time in the release
> cycle, and the diffstat looks fairly normal too. A bit less
> driver-heavy than usual, perhaps, but nothing big, and nothing that
> makes me go "that's strange".
> One thing standing out in the diffs might be the m68k 'set_fs()'
> removal - not really a regression fix, but it has been pending for a
> while, and it turned out that the problems attributed to it were due
> to an entirely unrelated m68k signal handling issue. So with that
> fixed, we could get rid of set_fs from another architecture. There's a
> few more architectures I'd like to see it removed from, but all the
> actively maintained ones have already removed it, so on the whole
> set_fs really is a thing of the past, only used by legacy
> architectures.
> Anyway, about a third of the diff is drivers (net, sound, rdma, gpu),
> with the rest being a mix of arch updates (the m68k set_fs stuff and
> some kvm patches), tooling (mostly selftest updates), filesystem code
> and core networking.
> The appended shortlog gives you more details, but if you really want
> to dig into it, go for the git tree.
> Go test,

Looking pretty good here.

Build results:
total: 153 pass: 153 fail: 0
Qemu test results:
total: 480 pass: 480 fail: 0


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