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SubjectRe: [PATCH] memcg: page_alloc: skip bulk allocator for __GFP_ACCOUNT
On 14.10.2021 18:23, Johannes Weiner wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 14, 2021 at 08:01:16AM -0700, Shakeel Butt wrote:
>> Regarding xfs_buf_alloc_pages(), it is not using __GFP_ACCOUNT
> It probably should, actually. Sorry, somewhat off-topic, but we've
> seen this consume quite large amounts of memory. __GFP_ACCOUNT and
> vmstat tracking seems overdue for this one.

If this will be required, you can use
[PATCH mm v5] memcg: enable memory accounting in __alloc_pages_bulk

As far as I understand it will not be used right now,
however I decided to submit it anyway, perhaps it may be needed later.

Thank you,
Vasily Averin

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