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SubjectRe: [PATCH] tools/nolibc: x86: Remove `r8`, `r9` and `r10` from the clobber list
On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 03:36:44PM +0700, Ammar Faizi wrote:
> I have tried to search for the documentation about this one, but I
> couldn't find any. Checking at `Documentation/x86/entry_64.rst`, but
> it doesn't tell anything relevant.

OK thanks for the detailed story, thus I didn't miss any obvious

> My stance comes from SO, Telegram group discussion, and reading source
> code. Therefore, I don't think I can attach the link to it as
> "authoritative information". Or can I?

You're right, that's not exactly what we can call authoritative :-)

> When I sent this patch, I also added entry_64.S's maintainers to CC
> list. In hope they can help to at least acknowledge it. Mainly because
> I can't find the documentation from Linux that tells about this.
> Andy, Thomas, Ingo, Borislav, H. Peter.
> Could one of you shed some light so that I can attach the link to your
> message in the commit message?

Let's indeed wait for any of the x86 maintainers to confirm your


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