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SubjectRe: [PATCH v10 00/11] Add TDX Guest Support (Initial support)
On 10/11/21 6:03 AM, Borislav Petkov wrote:
> For that you need to write yourself a script which does:
> ARCHES=('i386' 'x86_64')
> ...
> for a in "${ARCHES[@]}"
> do
> for cfg in "allnoconfig" "defconfig" "allmodconfig" "allyesconfig"
> do
> build_kernel $a $cfg
> done
> done
> then find a big fat machine at Intel - I don't think that would post as
> a particularly hard problem :-) - and run it in tmpfs, on your patchset.
> Then you collect build logs and grep them for errors. And for additional
> coverage, when you're done with the above configs, you do randconfigs.
> That's what I do all the time with patchsets and it catches pretty much
> every build error.

FWIW, if you're in search of funky Kconfigs for compiling x86, I've got
a big bundle of them. In addition, I suggest grepping through any
Kconfig options you add and then toggling *those* options specifically.

The three that come to mind that tend to find bugs the fastest are a
defconfig, plus removing (one at a time):


In your case, I'd make sure you also flip SECURITY and X86_X2APIC, because:

> + depends on X86_64 && CPU_SUP_INTEL && PARAVIRT
> + depends on SECURITY
> + depends on X86_X2APIC

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