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Subject[PATCH v2 0/5] seqlock: Introduce PREEMPT_RT support


- Standardize on seqcount_LOCKNAME_t as the canonical reference for
sequence counters with associated locks, instead of v1

- Use unique prefix "seqprop_*" for all seqcount_t/seqcount_LOCKNAME_t
property accessors.

- Touch-up the lock-unlock rationale for more clarity. Enforce writer
non-preemitiblity using "__seq_enforce_writer_non_preemptibility()".

Cover letter (v1)

Preemption must be disabled before entering a sequence counter write
side critical section. Otherwise the read side section can preempt the
write side section and spin for the entire scheduler tick. If that
reader belongs to a real-time scheduling class, it can spin forever and
the kernel will livelock.

Disabling preemption cannot be done for PREEMPT_RT though: it can lead
to higher latencies, and the write side sections will not be able to
acquire locks which become sleeping locks (e.g. spinlock_t).

To remain preemptible, while avoiding a possible livelock caused by the
reader preempting the writer, use a different technique: let the reader
detect if a seqcount_LOCKNAME_t writer is in progress. If that's the
case, acquire then release the associated LOCKNAME writer serialization
lock. This will allow any possibly-preempted writer to make progress
until the end of its writer serialization lock critical section.

Implement this lock-unlock technique for all seqcount_LOCKNAME_t with
an associated (PREEMPT_RT) sleeping lock, and for seqlock_t.


Ahmed S. Darwish (5):
seqlock: seqcount_LOCKNAME_t: Standardize naming convention
seqlock: Use unique prefix for seqcount_t property accessors
seqlock: seqcount_t: Implement all read APIs as statement expressions
seqlock: seqcount_LOCKNAME_t: Introduce PREEMPT_RT support
seqlock: PREEMPT_RT: Do not starve seqlock_t writers

include/linux/seqlock.h | 281 ++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
1 file changed, 167 insertions(+), 114 deletions(-)

base-commit: f75aef392f869018f78cfedf3c320a6b3fcfda6b

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