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SubjectRe: Did You Receive my first email?
Dear Sir/Ma

I am Major Michiko Sanra an Indonesia Army currently serving in Syria WAR ZONE for peacekeeping Missions.. due to the death of Gen Qasem Soleimani, who has been killed by a US airstrike in Iraq, they are heavy tension here in Syria war Zion as Iran is threatening to retaliate back. The Iranian opposition leader who masterminded the killing of Gen Qasem Soleimani has finally recovered their Fund amounting to 80M$ {Eighty MillionUnited State Dollars }. you can view the world news:

with the agreement, we hard with them at 20% out of the total money they gave us 16M$ { Sixteen Million US Dollars } as the 20% for assisting them and as my benefit. and due to the situation on the ground here in Syria War Zone. I want to move the Fund out of Syria to a safe place until I finish my duty then I can come and meet you for percentage sharing at 30% for you and 70% for me. This Fund is mainly for investment.

Can l Trust You?

Won't You Betray Me?

i am waiting to hearing from you today.

Major Michiko[unhandled content-type:image/jpeg]
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