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SubjectRe: [PATCH next v2 0/2] printk: fix reading beyond buffer
On Wed 2020-09-30 11:07:32, John Ogness wrote:
> Hello,
> Marek Szyprowski reported [0] a problem with a particular printk
> usage. This particular usage performs thousands of LOG_CONT calls.
> The printk.c implementation was only limiting the growing record by
> the maximum size available in the ringbuffer, thus creating a record
> that was several kilobytes in size. This in and of itself is not
> a problem.
> However, the various readers used buffers that were about 1KB in
> size. The ringbuffer would only fill the reader's 1KB buffer, but the
> meta data stated that the message was actually much larger. The
> reader code was not checking this and assumed its buffer contained
> the full message.
> I have solved this problem by adding the necessary check to the
> functions where the situation can occur and also adding an argument
> when extending records so that a maximum size is specified. This
> will prevent the records from growing beyond the size that we know
> our readers are using.
> I did not add the check where it is certain that the reader's
> buffer is large enough to contain the largest possible message.
> The 2nd patch in this series reduces the size of the initial setup
> buffer. I noticed it was too big while verifying all the sizes for
> this series.
> John Ogness
> [0]
> John Ogness (2):
> printk: avoid and/or handle record truncation
> printk: reduce setup_text_buf size to LOG_LINE_MAX

The patchset is committed in printk/linux.git, branch printk-rework.

Best Regards,

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