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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next v4 0/5] net/ravb: Add support for explicit internal clock delay configuration
Hi David, Jakub,

On Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 3:57 PM Geert Uytterhoeven
<> wrote:
> Some Renesas EtherAVB variants support internal clock delay
> configuration, which can add larger delays than the delays that are
> typically supported by the PHY (using an "rgmii-*id" PHY mode, and/or
> "[rt]xc-skew-ps" properties).
> Historically, the EtherAVB driver configured these delays based on the
> "rgmii-*id" PHY mode. This caused issues with PHY drivers that
> implement PHY internal delays properly[1]. Hence a backwards-compatible
> workaround was added by masking the PHY mode[2].
> This patch series implements the next step of the plan outlined in [3],
> and adds proper support for explicit configuration of the MAC internal
> clock delays using new "[rt]x-internal-delay-ps" properties. If none of
> these properties is present, the driver falls back to the old handling.
> This can be considered the MAC counterpart of commit 9150069bf5fc0e86
> ("dt-bindings: net: Add tx and rx internal delays"), which applies to
> the PHY. Note that unlike commit 92252eec913b2dd5 ("net: phy: Add a
> helper to return the index for of the internal delay"), no helpers are
> provided to parse the DT properties, as so far there is a single user
> only, which supports only zero or a single fixed value. Of course such
> helpers can be added later, when the need arises, or when deemed useful
> otherwise.
> This series consists of 3 parts:
> 1. DT binding updates documenting the new properties, for both the
> generic ethernet-controller and the EtherAVB-specific bindings,
> 2. Conversion to json-schema of the Renesas EtherAVB DT bindings.
> Technically, the conversion is independent of all of the above.
> I included it in this series, as it shows how all sanity checks on
> "[rt]x-internal-delay-ps" values are implemented as DT binding
> checks,
> 3. EtherAVB driver update implementing support for the new properties.
> Given Rob has provided his acks for the DT binding updates, all of this
> can be merged through net-next.
> Changes compared to v3[4]:
> - Add Reviewed-by,
> - Drop the DT updates, as they will be merged through renesas-devel and
> arm-soc, and have a hard dependency on this series.
> Changes compared to v2[5]:
> - Update recently added board DTS files,
> - Add Reviewed-by.
> Changes compared to v1[6]:
> - Added "[PATCH 1/7] dt-bindings: net: ethernet-controller: Add
> internal delay properties",
> - Replace "renesas,[rt]xc-delay-ps" by "[rt]x-internal-delay-ps",
> - Incorporated EtherAVB DT binding conversion to json-schema,
> - Add Reviewed-by.
> Impacted, tested:
> - Salvator-X(S) with R-Car H3 ES1.0 and ES2.0, M3-W, and M3-N.
> Not impacted, tested:
> - Ebisu with R-Car E3.
> Impacted, not tested:
> - Salvator-X(S) with other SoC variants,
> - ULCB with R-Car H3/M3-W/M3-N variants,
> - V3MSK and Eagle with R-Car V3M,
> - Draak with R-Car V3H,
> - HiHope RZ/G2[MN] with RZ/G2M or RZ/G2N,
> - Beacon EmbeddedWorks RZ/G2M Development Kit.
> To ease testing, I have pushed this series and the DT updates to the
> topic/ravb-internal-clock-delays-v4 branch of my renesas-drivers
> repository at
> git://
> Thanks for applying!

Is there anything still blocking this series?




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In personal conversations with technical people, I call myself a hacker. But
when I'm talking to journalists I just say "programmer" or something like that.
-- Linus Torvalds

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