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Subject[PATCH v2 0/6] iio: sx9310: Support setting various settings
I need to configure various settings such as thresholds, gain factors,
etc. on this device. Some settings matter at boot, while others can wait
for userspace to configure things. This patch series adds support to
set these various bits in the registers of this device.

Changes from v1 (
- A bunch more patches for userspace settings
- Removed body thresholds as they're probably not used
- Removed compensate common as it probably doesn't matter
- Moved thresholds, gain factor, hysteresis, debounce to userspace

Stephen Boyd (6):
iio: sx9310: Support hardware gain factor
iio: sx9310: Support setting proximity thresholds
iio: sx9310: Support setting hysteresis values
iio: sx9310: Support setting debounce values
dt-bindings: iio: sx9310: Add various settings as DT properties
iio: sx9310: Set various settings from DT

.../iio/proximity/semtech,sx9310.yaml | 61 ++
drivers/iio/proximity/sx9310.c | 524 +++++++++++++++++-
2 files changed, 579 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

Cc: Daniel Campello <>
Cc: Lars-Peter Clausen <>
Cc: Peter Meerwald-Stadler <>
Cc: Douglas Anderson <>
Cc: Gwendal Grignou <>
Cc: Evan Green <>
Cc: Rob Herring <>
Cc: <>

base-commit: 1bebdcb928eba880f3a119bacb8149216206958a
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