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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH next-20200930] treewide: Convert macro and uses of __section(foo) to __section("foo")
On Wed, 2020-09-30 at 15:06 -0700, Joe Perches wrote:
> Perhaps these are also possible files that need exclusions:
> ./arch/x86/boot/video.h:#define __videocard struct card_info __section(".videocards") __attribute__((used))
> ./arch/x86/boot/compressed/pgtable_64.c:unsigned long *trampoline_32bit __section(".data");
> ./arch/x86/boot/tty.c:static void __section(".inittext") serial_putchar(int ch)
> ./arch/x86/boot/tty.c:static void __section(".inittext") bios_putchar(int ch)
> ./arch/x86/boot/tty.c:void __section(".inittext") putchar(int ch)
> ./arch/x86/boot/tty.c:void __section(".inittext") puts(const char *str)
> ./arch/s390/boot/startup.c:static struct diag210 _diag210_tmp_dma __section("");
> ./arch/powerpc/boot/main.c: __section("__builtin_cmdline");
> ./arch/powerpc/boot/ps3.c: __section("__builtin_cmdline");

It looks like all of the arch/x86, and arch/s390 files are fine
but both of the arch/powerpc/boot files need modification.

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