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SubjectRe: Expose 'array_length()' macro in <sys/cdefs.h> or <sys/param.h>

On 2020-09-30 17:58, Joseph Myers wrote:
> For some reason
> doesn't seem to have reached the agenda of a WG14 meeting yet, but adding
> a language feature like that to the standard would be another approach.

Hi Joseph,

Yes, that would be great!

I hope they add that to the language. When/if that happens, nitems()
could be `#define nitems(arr) _Lengthof(arr)` for std >= c2x.

In the meantime, I would add this macro to libc.

Maybe gcc could add such a great feature as an extension even before the
standard does...

Too many wishes :)

BTW, I sent a PATCH v4 that I should've sent --in-reply-to PATCH v3 in
this thread (but I forgot to do so); I'll link to it here:



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