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SubjectRe: linux tooling mailing list
Hi David,
Apologies if this request has crossed your desk already; I know my
unreads in my inbox seems to have doubled this week somehow...(should
I send them all to /dev/null? I think I should.)

From Linux Plumbers conf Binutils BoF, Peter had the idea of setting a
toolchain agnostic email list, and from the thread folks seem content
with Is this something you would be
able to help set up for us? If not, is this something you can help
delegate to someone else to set up (any pointers who I should talk to
in that regard)?

The full thread: (sorry I
didn't cc lkml sooner for a proper lore link; I myself am ~1 more bug
away from switching away from google groups forever).
~Nick Desaulniers

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