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    SubjectRe: [PATCH AUTOSEL 5.8 08/29] net: dsa: microchip: look for phy-mode in port nodes
    Hi Sascha,

    On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 03:30:05AM +0200, Sasha Levin wrote:
    > From: Helmut Grohne <>
    > [ Upstream commit edecfa98f602a597666e3c5cab2677ada38d93c5 ]
    > Documentation/devicetree/bindings/net/dsa/dsa.txt says that the phy-mode
    > property should be specified on port nodes. However, the microchip
    > drivers read it from the switch node.
    > Let the driver use the per-port property and fall back to the old
    > location with a warning.
    > Fix in-tree users.

    I don't think this patch is useful for stable users. It corrects a
    device tree layout issue. Any existing users of the functionality will
    have an odd, but working device tree and that will continue working
    (with a warning) after applying this patch. It just has a property on
    the "wrong" node. I don't think I'd like to update my device tree in a
    stable update.

    If you apply it anyway, please also apply a fixup:


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