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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] mm: memcontrol: remove obsolete comment of mem_cgroup_unmark_under_oom()
Michal Hocko <> wrote:
> On Thu 17-09-20 06:59:00, Miaohe Lin wrote:
>> Since commit 79dfdaccd1d5 ("memcg: make oom_lock 0 and 1 based rather
>> than counter"), the mem_cgroup_unmark_under_oom() is added and the
>> comment of the mem_cgroup_oom_unlock() is moved here. But this comment
>> make no sense here because mem_cgroup_oom_lock() does not operate on under_oom field.
>OK, so I've looked into this more deeply and I finally remember why we have this comment here. The point is that under_oom shouldn't underflow and that we have to explicitly check for > 0 because a new child memcg could have been added between mem_cgroup_mark_under_oom and mem_cgroup_unmark_under_oom.
>So the comment makes sense although it is not as helpful as it could be.
>I think that changing it to the following will be more usefule
> /*
> * Be careful about under_oom underflows becase a child memcg
> * could have neem added after mem_cgroup_mark_under_oom

Should it be s/neem/been/ ?

> */

Many thanks for detailed explanation. Will fix it in v2. Thanks again.

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