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SubjectRe: Keyboard regression by intel-vbtn

On 9/29/20 11:21 AM, Hans de Goede wrote:


> Since the problem of wrongly reporting SW_TABLET_MODE=1 in combination
> with libinput, leads to a non-usable system. Where as OTOH many people will
> not even notice when SW_TABLET_MODE is not being reported, I believe it
> is best to move to a dmi based allow-list approach here, as we recently
> did for SW_TABLET_MODE reporting by the asus-wmi driver. Allowing:
> dmi chassis-types: 8 /* Portable */,  31 /* Convertible */, 32 /* Detachable */
> and the HP Stream x360 11-p000nd which has working intel-vbtn SW_TABLET_MODE
> support combined with a chassis-type of 10 /* Notebook */.
> I will prepare a patch for this right away.

Quick status update on this, it is taking a bit longer then
I was hoping for since I'm trying to make sure that I get
things right this time.

Checking the dmidecode-dumps database from:

It seems that a whole ton of Dell laptop models use 8 ("Portable") as
chassis-type. Most of which are NOT 2-in-1s. So the new plan is to only
put the 31 ("Convertible") and 32 ("Detachable") chassis-types on
the whitelist. I do have 1 Dell 2-in-1, a Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130
with the Portable chassis-type and a working tablet-mode-sw
through intel-vbtn. So I will put that specific model on the
allow-list separately.

> Note this patch will effectively replace:
> "platform/x86: intel-vbtn: Fix SW_TABLET_MODE always reporting 1 on the HP Pavilion 11 x360"
> We will no longer need this workaround with the allow list and I believe
> that it would be better to drop that one.
> Andy can you drop that one from your review-andy branch please?



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