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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/22] Introduce the TDP MMU
On 25/09/20 23:22, Ben Gardon wrote:
> This series is the first of two. In this series we add a basic
> implementation of the TDP MMU. In the next series we will improve the
> performance of the TDP MMU and allow it to execute MMU operations
> in parallel.

I have finished rebasing and adding a few cleanups on top, but I don't
have time to test it today. I think the changes shouldn't get too much
in the way of the second series, but I've also pushed your v1 unmodified
to kvm/tdp-mmu for future convenience. I'll await for your feedback in
the meanwhile!

One feature that I noticed is missing is the shrinker. What are your
plans (or opinions) around it?

Also, the code generally assume a 64-bit CPU (i.e. that writes to 64-bit
PTEs are atomic). That is not a big issue, it just needs a small change
on top to make the TDP MMU conditional on CONFIG_X86_64.



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