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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 00/10] Support qcom USB3+DP combo phy (or type-c phy)
On 16-09-20, 16:11, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> This patch series is based on v12 of the msm DP driver submission[1]
> plus a compliance patch[2]. In the v5 patch series review I suggested
> that the DP PHY and PLL be split out of the drm driver and moved to the
> qmp phy driver. This patch series does that, but it is still marked as
> an RFC because there are a couple more things to do, mostly updating the
> DT binding and getting agreement on how to structure the code.
> Eventually I believe the qmp phy driver will need to listen for type-c
> notifiers or somehow know the type-c pinout being used so this driver
> can program things slightly differently. Right now, I don't have any way
> to test it though, so I've left it as future work. For some more
> details, the DP phy and the USB3 phy share the same physical pins on the
> SoC and those pins pretty much line up with a type-c pinout modulo some
> CC pins for cable orientation detection logic that lives on the PMIC. So
> the DP phy can use all four lanes or it can use two lanes and the USB3
> phy can use two lanes. In the hardware designs that I have access to it
> is always two lanes for USB3 and two lanes for DP going through what
> looks like a type-c pinout so this just hard codes that configuration in
> the driver.

Applied 1 thru 8, thanks


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