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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/9] ARM: syscall: always store thread_info->syscall
Hi Arnd,

help me out here because I feel vaguely stupid...

On Mon, Sep 7, 2020 at 5:38 PM Arnd Bergmann <> wrote:

> {
> + return task_thread_info(task)->syscall & ~__NR_OABI_SYSCALL_BASE;

#define __NR_OABI_SYSCALL_BASE 0x900000

So you will end up with sycall number & FF6FFFFF
masking off bits 20 and 23.

I suppose this is based on this:

> bics r10, r10, #0xff000000
> + str r10, [tsk, #TI_SYSCALL]

OK we mask off bits 24-31 before we store this.

> bic scno, scno, #0xff000000 @ mask off SWI op-code
> + str scno, [tsk, #TI_SYSCALL]

And here too.

> eor scno, scno, #__NR_SYSCALL_BASE @ check OS number

And then happens that which will ... I don't know really.
Exclusive or with 0x9000000 is not immediately intuitive
evident to me, I suppose it is for everyone else... :/

I need some idea how this numberspace is managed in order to
understand the code so I can review it, I guess it all makes perfect
sense but I need some background here.

Linus Walleij

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