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Subject[PATCH 00/11] firmware/soc: ti_sci, ringacc/inta: Preparation for AM64 DMA support

The series prepares the ti_sci, ringacc, inta to support the new DMAs introduced
with AM64.

Separate series has been sent for the inta irqchip driver:

Patches for the DMA support will be based on this series due to build and
feature dependencies.

To support the new DMSS we need to change the ti_sci ring config API in order to
be able to support the new parameters needed in the future.

We also need to add support for the second range in RM as along with the AM64
support, the resource allocation is going to change for existing SoC which used
only the first range for resource allocation.

The tx_tdtype support has been also missing from ti_sci for a long time and
the AM64 specific extended_ch_type depends on the existence of it in the message

Santosh: if you plan to take this series for 5.11, then can you create an
immutable branch which I can refer to Vinod for the DMA patches I'm going to
send soon.

Peter Ujfalusi (11):
firmware: ti_sci: rm: Add support for tx_tdtype parameter for tx
firmware: ti_sci: Use struct ti_sci_resource_desc in get_range ops
firmware: ti_sci: rm: Add support for second resource range
soc: ti: ti_sci_inta_msi: Add support for second range in resource
firmware: ti_sci: rm: Add support for extended_ch_type for tx channel
firmware: ti_sci: rm: Remove ring_get_config support
firmware: ti_sci: rm: Add new ops for ring configuration
soc: ti: k3-ringacc: Use the ti_sci set_cfg callback for ring
firmware: ti_sci: rm: Remove unused config() from
soc: ti: k3-ringacc: Use correct device for allocation in RING mode
soc: ti: k3-socinfo: Add entry for AM64 SoC family

drivers/firmware/ti_sci.c | 213 ++++++++-----------------
drivers/firmware/ti_sci.h | 72 +++------
drivers/soc/ti/k3-ringacc.c | 93 +++++------
drivers/soc/ti/k3-socinfo.c | 1 +
drivers/soc/ti/ti_sci_inta_msi.c | 12 ++
include/linux/soc/ti/k3-ringacc.h | 5 +
include/linux/soc/ti/ti_sci_protocol.h | 85 ++++++----
7 files changed, 212 insertions(+), 269 deletions(-)


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