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SubjectRe:Re: [PATCH] Documentation: Chinese translation of Documentation/arm64/perf.rst
>在 2020/9/27 上午4:15, Jonathan Corbet 写道:
>> On Sat, 26 Sep 2020 22:35:51 +0800
>> Alex Shi <> wrote:
>>> Why your patch repeatly has encoding issue which fails on 'git am'
>>> Could you like to check the problem before send out?
>>> Could you please fix your editor issue by Documentation/process/email-clients.rst
>>> or send patch by git send-email.
>>> And please don't waste other time on meaningless issue again!
>> The way to be sure you have solved this kind of problem is to first email
>> the patch to you, then be sure that what you receive can be applied.
>> Please get to the point where that works, then I'll be glad to apply your
>> translations.
>CC Qing,
>There are few documents of how to join the community development
>Shortly, sth could be summaried as following in pariticular documents.
>1, setup well your email client, to be sure all your patch from your email system
>could be applied by 'git am'. Current email client often cover the endcoding issue
>but git will failed on that.
>2, 'make help' show couple of doc related options:
> htmldocs - HTML
> latexdocs - LaTeX
> pdfdocs - PDF
> epubdocs - EPUB
> xmldocs - XML
> linkcheckdocs - check for broken external links
> (will connect to external hosts)
> refcheckdocs - check for references to non-existing files under
> Documentation
> cleandocs - clean all generated files
>Do 'make linkcheckdocs/refcheckdocs/htmldocs', and check if the result works as
>expected, of course it would be better if you can make/check all type docs, but
>at least finish above 3 kinds of checks.
>3, As to related docs, sending them as a couple series could help people retrieve
>looking forward for your new translation docs.

Sorry for bringing trouble. I used 'git send-email' with UTF-8, also built with
'make htmldocs'. I think that caused by two patches(translation of
Documentation/arm64/hugetlbpage.rst and Documentation/arm64/perf.rst)
sequence, hugetlbpage first perf.rst second. It's my mistake,I'll send with patch
Series for this two patch.



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