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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 0/3] clk: zynqmp: Add firmware specific clock flags
Quoting Amit Sunil Dhamne (2020-09-09 13:44:45)
> Currently firmware is maintaining CCF specific flags and provides to
> CCF as it is. But CCF flag numbers may change and that shouldn't mean
> that the firmware needs to change. The firmware should have its own
> 'flag number space' that is distinct from the common clk framework's
> 'flag number space'. So use firmware specific clock flags in ZynqMP
> clock driver instead of CCF flags.
> Changes in v4:
> - Use if condition instead of ternary operator.

Thanks. This patch series doesn't apply for me though. What is the base
of the patches? Can you use the --base option when formatting patches
with git format-patch? That would help me.

Also, I think your MUA or SMTP server is mangling the format. I had
trouble trying to apply the patches from my local copy so I had to
fallback to lore but even that didn't work.

Please resend.

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