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SubjectRe: [External] Re: [PATCH] mm/memcontrol: Add the drop_cache interface for cgroup v2
Chunxin Zang writes:
>Please forgive me for not being able to understand why setting
>memory.low for Type_A can solve the problem.
>In my scene, Type_A is the most important, so I will set 100G to memory.low.
>But 'memory.low' only takes effect passively when the kernel is
>reclaiming memory. It means that reclaim Type_B's memory only when
>Type_A in alloc memory slow path. This will affect Type_A's
>We want to reclaim Type_B's memory in advance when A is expected to be busy.

That's what kswapd reclaim is for, so this distinction is meaningless without
measurements :-)

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