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SubjectRe: [PATCH v18 25/32] mm/mlock: remove lru_lock on TestClearPageMlocked in munlock_vma_page

在 2020/9/22 下午2:13, Hugh Dickins 写道:
> On Mon, 24 Aug 2020, Alex Shi wrote:
>> In the func munlock_vma_page, the page must be PageLocked as well as
>> pages in split_huge_page series funcs. Thus the PageLocked is enough
>> to serialize both funcs.
>> So we could relief the TestClearPageMlocked/hpage_nr_pages which are not
>> necessary under lru lock.
>> As to another munlock func __munlock_pagevec, which no PageLocked
>> protection and should remain lru protecting.
>> Signed-off-by: Alex Shi <>
> I made some comments on the mlock+munlock situation last week:
> I won't review this 24/32 and 25/32 now, but will take a look
> at your github tree tomorrow instead. Perhaps I'll find you have
> already done the fixes, perhaps I'll find you have merged these back
> into earlier patches. And I won't be reviewing beyond this point:
> this is enough for now, I think.

Yes, these 2 patches was fixed as your suggested on lruv19.5

83f8582dcd5a mm/mlock: remove lru_lock on TestClearPageMlocked
20836d10f0ed mm/mlock: remove __munlock_isolate_lru_page


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