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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] RFC: USB C extcon patchset for the tps6598x
Hi Heikki,

On 2020-09-21 07:37, Heikki Krogerus wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 09:46:35AM -0700, Angus Ainslie wrote:
>> We have a complex set of hardware components to manage our USB C data
>> and
>> power. For these to work together we decided to use extcon to
>> communicate
>> the system changes as various cables and devices are plugged in/out.
>> We did
>> look at usb_roleswitch and the charging framework but thought it would
>> be
>> preferable to keep all of the information together in one system.
>> The components we have in the system are:
>> 1) TPS65982 type USB type C controller
>> 2) dwc3 IP in the imx8mq
>> 3) BQ25895 battery charger
>> I'll break this into 2 parts the data role and the power role.
>> For the data role the TPS65982 senses connect and disconnect as well
>> as data
>> source/sink. It is also controlling the USB 3 data lanes. The display
>> port and
>> USB 3 muxing is handled by a different chip and we'll submit patches
>> for that
>> later on. The dwc3 controls the USB 2 data lanes.
>> On the power side there are even more moving pieces. The TPS65982
>> negotiates
>> the power delivery contract, the dwc3 senses the BC1.2 charging
>> current and the
>> BQ25895 sets whether we are sinking or sourcing current and what the
>> current
>> limit is of the sink and source.
>> For both the data and power roles no single chip has all of the
>> required
>> information. Is using extcon the correct way of doing this and if not
>> what
>> are the alternatives ?
> Do not use extcon with the Type-C drivers unless you have some really
> good reason for not using the dedicated frameworks for each thing. The
> reason why we even have some of the dedicated frameworks in the first
> place, for example the USB role switch class, is because extcon simply
> could not be made to work on every type of hardware architecture.
> So you will need to register a power supply in tps6598x.c just like
> the other USB Type-C drivers like tcpm.c and ucsi.c if the TPS65982
> does not communicated directly with the BQ25895. That can be one
> of "supplied_from" (and also "supplied_to" if needed for sourcing) for
> the bq25890_changer. You probable only need to implement the
> external_power_changed() hook for it if it's missing in order to make
> it work. You can also register a power supply in dwc3 and use it as a
> second supply for bq25890 if you still really need to handle BC1.2.
> The data role should already be handled for you. dwc3 already
> registers an USB role switch, and tps6598x.c already configures one.
> For data role you should not need any additional code.
> Please note that there is also framework for the alt mode muxes.

Thanks for looking this over. I'll investigate the power supply


>> The extcon extensions allow us to communicate the the power roles
>> amongst
>> the various chips.
>> This patch series has been tested with the 5.9-rc4 kernel on the
>> Purism
>> Librem5 HW. Assuming this is the correct way to use extcon there will
>> be
>> follow on patches to the BQ25895 and dwc3 drivers.
>> Strictly speaking only the first 3 patches are needed for extcon
>> support, the
>> forth patch decodes the power delivery contracts which makes use of
>> the extcon
>> system.
>> Angus Ainslie (4):
>> extcon: Add USB VBUS properties
>> usb: typec: tps6589x: register as an extcon provider
>> usb: typec: tps6598x: Add the extcon USB chargers
>> usb: typec: tps6598x: Add the power delivery irq
>> drivers/usb/typec/tps6598x.c | 488
>> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
>> include/linux/extcon.h | 17 +-
>> 2 files changed, 503 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
>> --
>> 2.25.1
> thanks,

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