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Subjectmemory leak in udf_process_sequence

syzbot found the following issue on:

HEAD commit: 325d0eab Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)
git tree: upstream
console output:
kernel config:
dashboard link:
compiler: gcc (GCC) 10.1.0-syz 20200507
syz repro:
C reproducer:

IMPORTANT: if you fix the issue, please add the following tag to the commit:

BUG: memory leak
unreferenced object 0xffff88811a1d0a00 (size 512):
comm "syz-executor299", pid 6519, jiffies 4294943224 (age 15.090s)
hex dump (first 32 bytes):
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................
[<000000009ea2686e>] kmalloc include/linux/slab.h:554 [inline]
[<000000009ea2686e>] kmalloc_array include/linux/slab.h:593 [inline]
[<000000009ea2686e>] kcalloc include/linux/slab.h:605 [inline]
[<000000009ea2686e>] udf_process_sequence+0x7e/0x1080 fs/udf/super.c:1676
[<00000000d9f60715>] udf_load_sequence fs/udf/super.c:1795 [inline]
[<00000000d9f60715>] udf_check_anchor_block+0xdc/0x1a0 fs/udf/super.c:1835
[<0000000067395456>] udf_scan_anchors+0x9e/0x240 fs/udf/super.c:1868
[<00000000966a1b37>] udf_find_anchor fs/udf/super.c:1925 [inline]
[<00000000966a1b37>] udf_load_vrs+0x1be/0x3b0 fs/udf/super.c:1990
[<0000000004bba192>] udf_fill_super+0x286/0x7a5 fs/udf/super.c:2183
[<00000000d48efb9b>] mount_bdev+0x1d3/0x210 fs/super.c:1417
[<00000000280e173c>] legacy_get_tree+0x26/0x70 fs/fs_context.c:592
[<0000000059fde270>] vfs_get_tree+0x28/0xe0 fs/super.c:1547
[<00000000904c79e7>] do_new_mount fs/namespace.c:2875 [inline]
[<00000000904c79e7>] path_mount+0x90e/0xda0 fs/namespace.c:3192
[<000000008e0f8bcd>] do_mount fs/namespace.c:3205 [inline]
[<000000008e0f8bcd>] __do_sys_mount fs/namespace.c:3413 [inline]
[<000000008e0f8bcd>] __se_sys_mount fs/namespace.c:3390 [inline]
[<000000008e0f8bcd>] __x64_sys_mount+0x140/0x190 fs/namespace.c:3390
[<00000000e981acac>] do_syscall_64+0x2d/0x70 arch/x86/entry/common.c:46
[<000000006322386a>] entry_SYSCALL_64_after_hwframe+0x44/0xa9

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