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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 00/18] blk-mq/scsi: Provide hostwide shared tags for SCSI HBAs
On 21/09/2020 22:35, wrote:
>>> I'm waiting on the hpsa and smartpqi patches >>update, so please kindly merge only those >>patches, above.
>>> Thanks!
> John, the hpsa driver crashes, the or more patches to allow internal commands from Hannas seem to be missing.
> I'll let you know exactly which ones soon.

Hi Don,

Right, that branch did not include Hannes patches as they did not apply
cleanly, but I think that you need the same patches as before. I can
create a branch for you to test which does include those tomorrow - let
me know.

Alternatively I think that we could create a hpsa patch which does not
rely on that series, like I mentioned here [0], but it would not be as


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