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Subjectsupport range based offsets in dma-direct v3
Hi all,

this series adds range-based offsets to the dma-direct implementation. The
guts of the change are a patch from Jim with some modifications from me,
but to do it nicely we need to ARM patches to prepare for it as well.

Changes since v2:
- fix a mismerge
- return (phys_addr_t)-1 from translate_dma_to_phys when there is no
matching range to fix dma_capable checks

Changes since v1:
- rebased on top of the latests dma-mapping for-next tree
- add two more trivial ARM cleanups
- remove the DMA property inheritance hack in usb
- move the remaining copy of the ranges into the remoteproc driver
as it should not be seen as a general API, but as a quirk for
remoteproc that we need to fix ASAP


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