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SubjectRe: canfdtest on flexcan loopback
On 9/16/20 1:04 PM, Vladimir Oltean wrote:
> [ resending, forgot to copy Wolfgang ]
> On Wed 9/2/2020 10:09 AM, Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
>> canfdtest normally runs on the DUT *and* a the host. The DUT receives
>> the messages from the host, increments the frame data bytes and then
>> sends them back to the host. With "loopback" mode, the data bytes are
>> not incremented and that's what you see above.
>> Wolfgang
> Wolfgang is of course right, but we're nonetheless investigating what
> seems to be a real problem, and what Pankaj had seen was a red herring.
> So currently what I suspect is going on, when I am running canfdtest
> between 2 LS1028A-RDB boards, is that the DUT is reordering frames on
> TX.
> See, for example, the screenshot below:
> I have added trace points to the end of the flexcan_start_xmit function,
> which print the entire skb, and the frames appear to be written to the
> TX message buffer in the correct order. They are seen, however, in the
> incorrect order on the wire.

Which driver are you using? The mainline driver only uses one TX buffer.


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