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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/3] ASoC: tlv320aic32x4: Enable fast charge
On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 04:27:43PM +0200, Alexandre Belloni wrote:
> On 15/09/2020 16:14:01+0200, Miquel Raynal wrote:

> > Indeed, it is just affecting the ramp (peak current is bigger).

> However, forcing powerup at probe time versus at play time means that
> you consume power even when not playing audio.

With older VMID referenced devices like this one seems to be there's
usually not really any good tradeoffs. You have to balance audible
noise on the outputs when starting audio, idle power consumption and the
time taken to get the device live either on starting a stream or boot.
Generally for a given device there's a fairly clear optimum and trying
to support multiple options makes things more complex and less robust.
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