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SubjectRe: xconfig is broken again on Qt5
On 9/14/20 10:41 PM, Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
> Em Tue, 15 Sep 2020 00:25:07 +0900
> Masahiro Yamada <> escreveu:
>> On Sun, Sep 13, 2020 at 10:21 PM Maxim Levitsky <> wrote:
>>> I hate to say it, but xconfig got broken again.
>>> After commit 68fd110b3e7e2 ("kconfig: qconf: remove redundant help in the info view")
>>> help description disappered completely from xconfig (both normal and split mode)
>>> I reverted this and next commit to get this back.
>>> I have a feeling that there were several bugs introduced to xconfig recently
>>> due to attempt to support both Qt4 and Qt5. Maybe we should only support one version?
>> xconfig was originally written for Qt3, and
>> got broken in many ways after being converted to Qt5.
>> (commit 8328447af88eaab1d thru b4ff1de3b8381a4)
>> That is my gut feeling.
>> So, xconfig carried broken code everywhere
>> for many years.
>> I think supporting both Qt4 and Qt5
>> is doable, but testing both versions is tedious.
>> I'd like to want to drop Qt4 support in the future but
>> not in this development cycle because there are still
>> some people using Qt4.
> My 2 cents here: I ported Kaffeine from Qt4 to Qt5. When I did that,
> I tried to make it compatible with both, but that was not easy. So,
> it now supports only Qt5. Ok, Kaffeine uses a lot of different APIs.
> It is probably doable to keep xconfig compatible with both Qt4 and
> Qt5, but not sure if it is worth the efforts, as Qt5 was released
> at the end of 2012. So, I guess that all distros should have Qt5
> packages, even the LTS ones.
>> Recently I changed xconfig a lot because I noticed
>> various bugs, and also needed to simplify the code
>> for better maintainability.
>> Sorry for the pain, but we need to change the code
>> to make it stable and maintainable.
>> For the reported issue,
>> does this work for you?
>>> I tried gconfig even thinking maybe nobody uses xconfig these days
>>> but gconfig seems to lack search function.
>> gconfig is not well maintained either.
>> I think it should be converted from gtk+2 to gtk+3
>> and I know various bugs that need fixing
>> (but I have not been able to find time to work on it...)
> Such conversion can also be painful. I also did two such
> conversions for other media packages (Camorama and ZBar). Also,
> gtk4 is close to be released:
> Porting from gtk+3 to gtk4 is also painful. I tried to prepare
> Camorama (which currently supports both gtk+2 and gtk+3) for gtk4,
> but one of the fundamental features needed for it to work was dropped
> (a way to write video images inside a widget). Last time I checked,
> there were no obvious replacement for it (didn't check 3.99 yet).
> Maybe the main point here is if we should keep maintaining two
> GUI frontends.

I can't recall (m)any gconfig users.
And it is missing some critical features IMO, like Search.


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