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SubjectRe: [PATCH 02/26] perf: Introduce mmap3 version of mmap event
On 14/09/20 11:07 pm, Jiri Olsa wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 10:08:01AM -0700, Ian Rogers wrote:
>>> Using one of the MISC bits to resolve the union. Might actually bring
>>> benefit to everyone. Us normal people get to have a smaller MMAP record,
>>> while the buildid folks can have it too.
>>> Even more extreme would be using 2 MISC bits and allowing the union to
>>> be 0 sized for anon.
>>> That said; I have the nagging feeling there were unresolved issues with
>>> mmap2, but I can't seem to find any relevant emails on it :/ My
>>> google-fu is weak today.
>> Firstly, thanks Jiri for this really useful patch set for our
>> use-cases! Some thoughts:
>> One issue with mmap2 events at the moment is that they happen "after"
>> the mmap is performed. This allows the mapped address to be known but
>> has the unfortunate problem of causing mmap events to get "extended"
>> due to adjacent vmas being merged. There are some workarounds like
>> commit c8f6ae1fb28d (perf inject jit: Remove //anon mmap events).
>> Perhaps these events can switch to reporting the length the mmap
>> requested rather than the length of the vma?
> seems like separate feature, perhaps we could use another MISC bit for that?
>> I could imagine that changes here could be interesting to folks doing
>> CHERI or hypervisors, for example, they may want more address bits.
>> BPF has stack traces with elements of buildid + offset. Using these in
>> perf samples would avoid the need for mmap events, synthesis, etc. but
>> at the cost of larger and possibly slower stack traces. Perhaps we
>> should just remove the idea of mmap events altogether?
> hm, we also need mmap events to resolve PERF_SAMPLE_IP, right?
> also not sure how would we do that for dwarf unwind, and perhaps
> there are some other places.. c2c data address resolving?

Not to mention Intel PT and any other hw trace that puts ip's into the AUX area.

And branch stacks, call chains.

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