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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 00/14] TCPM support for FRS and AutoDischarge Disconnect
On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 07:59:13PM -0700, Badhri Jagan Sridharan wrote:
> First of all apologies for mixing up the patch version as noted by
> Heikki and Greg. All of them were v1's but since I was manually adding
> the version numbers I mixed them up. Using the --reroll-count option
> now. Updating the patch version to v6 (highest version number in the
> previous patchset + 1) to avoid confusion.
> I also rebased on to off of the recent usb-next tip:
> 5fedf0d295d3 (origin/usb-testing, origin/usb-next) Merge 5.9-rc3 into usb-next
> Which had the following changes causing merge conflict:
> 3ed8e1c2ac99 usb: typec: tcpm: Migrate workqueue to RT priority for processing events
> 6bbe2a90a0bb usb: typec: tcpm: During PR_SWAP, source caps should be sent only after tSwapSourceStart
> Addressed comments from Heikki and Randy which have described in the
> individual commit's change history as well.

I'll try to study the AutoDischarge a bit before reviewing the last
patches. They all appeared to be only about AutoDischarge. Sorry, I
didn't have time for that yet. If Guenter is fine with those, then
feel free to add my ACK to those patches. But Guenter really should
review these in any case. Hope he has time.



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