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Subject[PATCH v2 0/3] phy: amlogic: add MIPI DSI function to analog MIPI+PCIe PHY
The AXG Analog MIPI-DSI PHY also provides functions to the PCIe PHY,
thus we need to have inclusive support for both interfaces at runtime.

This fixes the regmap get from parent node, removes cell param
to select a mode and implement runtime configuration & power on/off
for both functions since they are not exclusive.

Changes since v1 at [1]:
- added description to binding as requested parent
- updated commit log of patch 1
- also update example of patch 1


Neil Armstrong (3):
dt-bindings: phy: amlogic,meson-axg-mipi-pcie-analog: remove reg
dt-bindings: phy: amlogic,meson-axg-mipi-pcie-analog: remove phy cell
phy: amlogic: phy-meson-axg-mipi-pcie-analog: add support for MIPI DSI

.../amlogic,meson-axg-mipi-pcie-analog.yaml | 21 +-
drivers/phy/amlogic/Kconfig | 1 +
.../amlogic/phy-meson-axg-mipi-pcie-analog.c | 204 ++++++++++++------
3 files changed, 149 insertions(+), 77 deletions(-)


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