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Subject[PATCH] media: vidtv: get rid of its own sinusoidal waveform
Instead, use the code from linux/fixp-arith.h.

Signed-off-by: Mauro Carvalho Chehab <>
.../media/test-drivers/vidtv/vidtv_s302m.c | 176 +++---------------
1 file changed, 31 insertions(+), 145 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/media/test-drivers/vidtv/vidtv_s302m.c b/drivers/media/test-drivers/vidtv/vidtv_s302m.c
index f8049cdf564a..d16e567e2ddb 100644
--- a/drivers/media/test-drivers/vidtv/vidtv_s302m.c
+++ b/drivers/media/test-drivers/vidtv/vidtv_s302m.c
@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@
#include <linux/jiffies.h>
#include <linux/printk.h>
#include <linux/ratelimit.h>
+#include <linux/fixp-arith.h>
#include <linux/math64.h>
#include <asm/byteorder.h>

@@ -64,141 +66,10 @@ static const u8 reverse[256] = {
0x3F, 0xBF, 0x7F, 0xFF,

- * This buffer contains PCM audio samples of a sine wave, compatible with
- * S302. If this is used as a source, a userspace media application should be able
- * to play it.
- */
-static u16 s302m_sin_lut[S302M_SIN_LUT_NUM_ELEM] = {
- 0x8000, 0x80c9, 0x8192, 0x825b, 0x8324, 0x83ed, 0x84b6, 0x857e,
- 0x8647, 0x8710, 0x87d9, 0x88a1, 0x896a, 0x8a32, 0x8afb, 0x8bc3,
- 0x8c8b, 0x8d53, 0x8e1b, 0x8ee3, 0x8fab, 0x9072, 0x9139, 0x9201,
- 0x92c7, 0x938e, 0x9455, 0x951b, 0x95e1, 0x96a7, 0x976d, 0x9833,
- 0x98f8, 0x99bd, 0x9a82, 0x9b47, 0x9c0b, 0x9ccf, 0x9d93, 0x9e56,
- 0x9f19, 0x9fdc, 0xa09f, 0xa161, 0xa223, 0xa2e5, 0xa3a6, 0xa467,
- 0xa527, 0xa5e8, 0xa6a7, 0xa767, 0xa826, 0xa8e5, 0xa9a3, 0xaa61,
- 0xab1f, 0xabdc, 0xac98, 0xad55, 0xae10, 0xaecc, 0xaf87, 0xb041,
- 0xb0fb, 0xb1b5, 0xb26e, 0xb326, 0xb3de, 0xb496, 0xb54d, 0xb603,
- 0xb6b9, 0xb76f, 0xb824, 0xb8d8, 0xb98c, 0xba3f, 0xbaf2, 0xbba4,
- 0xbc56, 0xbd07, 0xbdb7, 0xbe67, 0xbf17, 0xbfc5, 0xc073, 0xc121,
- 0xc1cd, 0xc279, 0xc325, 0xc3d0, 0xc47a, 0xc524, 0xc5cc, 0xc675,
- 0xc71c, 0xc7c3, 0xc869, 0xc90f, 0xc9b3, 0xca57, 0xcafb, 0xcb9d,
- 0xcc3f, 0xcce0, 0xcd81, 0xce20, 0xcebf, 0xcf5d, 0xcffb, 0xd097,
- 0xd133, 0xd1ce, 0xd268, 0xd302, 0xd39a, 0xd432, 0xd4c9, 0xd55f,
- 0xd5f5, 0xd689, 0xd71d, 0xd7b0, 0xd842, 0xd8d3, 0xd964, 0xd9f3,
- 0xda82, 0xdb0f, 0xdb9c, 0xdc28, 0xdcb3, 0xdd3d, 0xddc7, 0xde4f,
- 0xded7, 0xdf5d, 0xdfe3, 0xe068, 0xe0eb, 0xe16e, 0xe1f0, 0xe271,
- 0xe2f1, 0xe370, 0xe3ee, 0xe46b, 0xe4e8, 0xe563, 0xe5dd, 0xe656,
- 0xe6cf, 0xe746, 0xe7bc, 0xe831, 0xe8a6, 0xe919, 0xe98b, 0xe9fc,
- 0xea6d, 0xeadc, 0xeb4a, 0xebb7, 0xec23, 0xec8e, 0xecf8, 0xed61,
- 0xedc9, 0xee30, 0xee96, 0xeefa, 0xef5e, 0xefc1, 0xf022, 0xf083,
- 0xf0e2, 0xf140, 0xf19d, 0xf1f9, 0xf254, 0xf2ae, 0xf307, 0xf35e,
- 0xf3b5, 0xf40a, 0xf45f, 0xf4b2, 0xf504, 0xf555, 0xf5a5, 0xf5f3,
- 0xf641, 0xf68d, 0xf6d8, 0xf722, 0xf76b, 0xf7b3, 0xf7fa, 0xf83f,
- 0xf884, 0xf8c7, 0xf909, 0xf94a, 0xf989, 0xf9c8, 0xfa05, 0xfa41,
- 0xfa7c, 0xfab6, 0xfaee, 0xfb26, 0xfb5c, 0xfb91, 0xfbc5, 0xfbf8,
- 0xfc29, 0xfc59, 0xfc88, 0xfcb6, 0xfce3, 0xfd0e, 0xfd39, 0xfd62,
- 0xfd89, 0xfdb0, 0xfdd5, 0xfdfa, 0xfe1d, 0xfe3e, 0xfe5f, 0xfe7e,
- 0xfe9c, 0xfeb9, 0xfed5, 0xfeef, 0xff09, 0xff21, 0xff37, 0xff4d,
- 0xff61, 0xff74, 0xff86, 0xff97, 0xffa6, 0xffb4, 0xffc1, 0xffcd,
- 0xffd8, 0xffe1, 0xffe9, 0xfff0, 0xfff5, 0xfff9, 0xfffd, 0xfffe,
- 0xffff, 0xfffe, 0xfffd, 0xfff9, 0xfff5, 0xfff0, 0xffe9, 0xffe1,
- 0xffd8, 0xffcd, 0xffc1, 0xffb4, 0xffa6, 0xff97, 0xff86, 0xff74,
- 0xff61, 0xff4d, 0xff37, 0xff21, 0xff09, 0xfeef, 0xfed5, 0xfeb9,
- 0xfe9c, 0xfe7e, 0xfe5f, 0xfe3e, 0xfe1d, 0xfdfa, 0xfdd5, 0xfdb0,
- 0xfd89, 0xfd62, 0xfd39, 0xfd0e, 0xfce3, 0xfcb6, 0xfc88, 0xfc59,
- 0xfc29, 0xfbf8, 0xfbc5, 0xfb91, 0xfb5c, 0xfb26, 0xfaee, 0xfab6,
- 0xfa7c, 0xfa41, 0xfa05, 0xf9c8, 0xf989, 0xf94a, 0xf909, 0xf8c7,
- 0xf884, 0xf83f, 0xf7fa, 0xf7b3, 0xf76b, 0xf722, 0xf6d8, 0xf68d,
- 0xf641, 0xf5f3, 0xf5a5, 0xf555, 0xf504, 0xf4b2, 0xf45f, 0xf40a,
- 0xf3b5, 0xf35e, 0xf307, 0xf2ae, 0xf254, 0xf1f9, 0xf19d, 0xf140,
- 0xf0e2, 0xf083, 0xf022, 0xefc1, 0xef5e, 0xeefa, 0xee96, 0xee30,
- 0xedc9, 0xed61, 0xecf8, 0xec8e, 0xec23, 0xebb7, 0xeb4a, 0xeadc,
- 0xea6d, 0xe9fc, 0xe98b, 0xe919, 0xe8a6, 0xe831, 0xe7bc, 0xe746,
- 0xe6cf, 0xe656, 0xe5dd, 0xe563, 0xe4e8, 0xe46b, 0xe3ee, 0xe370,
- 0xe2f1, 0xe271, 0xe1f0, 0xe16e, 0xe0eb, 0xe068, 0xdfe3, 0xdf5d,
- 0xded7, 0xde4f, 0xddc7, 0xdd3d, 0xdcb3, 0xdc28, 0xdb9c, 0xdb0f,
- 0xda82, 0xd9f3, 0xd964, 0xd8d3, 0xd842, 0xd7b0, 0xd71d, 0xd689,
- 0xd5f5, 0xd55f, 0xd4c9, 0xd432, 0xd39a, 0xd302, 0xd268, 0xd1ce,
- 0xd133, 0xd097, 0xcffb, 0xcf5d, 0xcebf, 0xce20, 0xcd81, 0xcce0,
- 0xcc3f, 0xcb9d, 0xcafb, 0xca57, 0xc9b3, 0xc90f, 0xc869, 0xc7c3,
- 0xc71c, 0xc675, 0xc5cc, 0xc524, 0xc47a, 0xc3d0, 0xc325, 0xc279,
- 0xc1cd, 0xc121, 0xc073, 0xbfc5, 0xbf17, 0xbe67, 0xbdb7, 0xbd07,
- 0xbc56, 0xbba4, 0xbaf2, 0xba3f, 0xb98c, 0xb8d8, 0xb824, 0xb76f,
- 0xb6b9, 0xb603, 0xb54d, 0xb496, 0xb3de, 0xb326, 0xb26e, 0xb1b5,
- 0xb0fb, 0xb041, 0xaf87, 0xaecc, 0xae10, 0xad55, 0xac98, 0xabdc,
- 0xab1f, 0xaa61, 0xa9a3, 0xa8e5, 0xa826, 0xa767, 0xa6a7, 0xa5e8,
- 0xa527, 0xa467, 0xa3a6, 0xa2e5, 0xa223, 0xa161, 0xa09f, 0x9fdc,
- 0x9f19, 0x9e56, 0x9d93, 0x9ccf, 0x9c0b, 0x9b47, 0x9a82, 0x99bd,
- 0x98f8, 0x9833, 0x976d, 0x96a7, 0x95e1, 0x951b, 0x9455, 0x938e,
- 0x92c7, 0x9201, 0x9139, 0x9072, 0x8fab, 0x8ee3, 0x8e1b, 0x8d53,
- 0x8c8b, 0x8bc3, 0x8afb, 0x8a32, 0x896a, 0x88a1, 0x87d9, 0x8710,
- 0x8647, 0x857e, 0x84b6, 0x83ed, 0x8324, 0x825b, 0x8192, 0x80c9,
- 0x8000, 0x7f36, 0x7e6d, 0x7da4, 0x7cdb, 0x7c12, 0x7b49, 0x7a81,
- 0x79b8, 0x78ef, 0x7826, 0x775e, 0x7695, 0x75cd, 0x7504, 0x743c,
- 0x7374, 0x72ac, 0x71e4, 0x711c, 0x7054, 0x6f8d, 0x6ec6, 0x6dfe,
- 0x6d38, 0x6c71, 0x6baa, 0x6ae4, 0x6a1e, 0x6958, 0x6892, 0x67cc,
- 0x6707, 0x6642, 0x657d, 0x64b8, 0x63f4, 0x6330, 0x626c, 0x61a9,
- 0x60e6, 0x6023, 0x5f60, 0x5e9e, 0x5ddc, 0x5d1a, 0x5c59, 0x5b98,
- 0x5ad8, 0x5a17, 0x5958, 0x5898, 0x57d9, 0x571a, 0x565c, 0x559e,
- 0x54e0, 0x5423, 0x5367, 0x52aa, 0x51ef, 0x5133, 0x5078, 0x4fbe,
- 0x4f04, 0x4e4a, 0x4d91, 0x4cd9, 0x4c21, 0x4b69, 0x4ab2, 0x49fc,
- 0x4946, 0x4890, 0x47db, 0x4727, 0x4673, 0x45c0, 0x450d, 0x445b,
- 0x43a9, 0x42f8, 0x4248, 0x4198, 0x40e8, 0x403a, 0x3f8c, 0x3ede,
- 0x3e32, 0x3d86, 0x3cda, 0x3c2f, 0x3b85, 0x3adb, 0x3a33, 0x398a,
- 0x38e3, 0x383c, 0x3796, 0x36f0, 0x364c, 0x35a8, 0x3504, 0x3462,
- 0x33c0, 0x331f, 0x327e, 0x31df, 0x3140, 0x30a2, 0x3004, 0x2f68,
- 0x2ecc, 0x2e31, 0x2d97, 0x2cfd, 0x2c65, 0x2bcd, 0x2b36, 0x2aa0,
- 0x2a0a, 0x2976, 0x28e2, 0x284f, 0x27bd, 0x272c, 0x269b, 0x260c,
- 0x257d, 0x24f0, 0x2463, 0x23d7, 0x234c, 0x22c2, 0x2238, 0x21b0,
- 0x2128, 0x20a2, 0x201c, 0x1f97, 0x1f14, 0x1e91, 0x1e0f, 0x1d8e,
- 0x1d0e, 0x1c8f, 0x1c11, 0x1b94, 0x1b17, 0x1a9c, 0x1a22, 0x19a9,
- 0x1930, 0x18b9, 0x1843, 0x17ce, 0x1759, 0x16e6, 0x1674, 0x1603,
- 0x1592, 0x1523, 0x14b5, 0x1448, 0x13dc, 0x1371, 0x1307, 0x129e,
- 0x1236, 0x11cf, 0x1169, 0x1105, 0x10a1, 0x103e, 0xfdd, 0xf7c,
- 0xf1d, 0xebf, 0xe62, 0xe06, 0xdab, 0xd51, 0xcf8, 0xca1,
- 0xc4a, 0xbf5, 0xba0, 0xb4d, 0xafb, 0xaaa, 0xa5a, 0xa0c,
- 0x9be, 0x972, 0x927, 0x8dd, 0x894, 0x84c, 0x805, 0x7c0,
- 0x77b, 0x738, 0x6f6, 0x6b5, 0x676, 0x637, 0x5fa, 0x5be,
- 0x583, 0x549, 0x511, 0x4d9, 0x4a3, 0x46e, 0x43a, 0x407,
- 0x3d6, 0x3a6, 0x377, 0x349, 0x31c, 0x2f1, 0x2c6, 0x29d,
- 0x276, 0x24f, 0x22a, 0x205, 0x1e2, 0x1c1, 0x1a0, 0x181,
- 0x163, 0x146, 0x12a, 0x110, 0xf6, 0xde, 0xc8, 0xb2,
- 0x9e, 0x8b, 0x79, 0x68, 0x59, 0x4b, 0x3e, 0x32,
- 0x27, 0x1e, 0x16, 0xf, 0xa, 0x6, 0x2, 0x1,
- 0x0, 0x1, 0x2, 0x6, 0xa, 0xf, 0x16, 0x1e,
- 0x27, 0x32, 0x3e, 0x4b, 0x59, 0x68, 0x79, 0x8b,
- 0x9e, 0xb2, 0xc8, 0xde, 0xf6, 0x110, 0x12a, 0x146,
- 0x163, 0x181, 0x1a0, 0x1c1, 0x1e2, 0x205, 0x22a, 0x24f,
- 0x276, 0x29d, 0x2c6, 0x2f1, 0x31c, 0x349, 0x377, 0x3a6,
- 0x3d6, 0x407, 0x43a, 0x46e, 0x4a3, 0x4d9, 0x511, 0x549,
- 0x583, 0x5be, 0x5fa, 0x637, 0x676, 0x6b5, 0x6f6, 0x738,
- 0x77b, 0x7c0, 0x805, 0x84c, 0x894, 0x8dd, 0x927, 0x972,
- 0x9be, 0xa0c, 0xa5a, 0xaaa, 0xafb, 0xb4d, 0xba0, 0xbf5,
- 0xc4a, 0xca1, 0xcf8, 0xd51, 0xdab, 0xe06, 0xe62, 0xebf,
- 0xf1d, 0xf7c, 0xfdd, 0x103e, 0x10a1, 0x1105, 0x1169, 0x11cf,
- 0x1236, 0x129e, 0x1307, 0x1371, 0x13dc, 0x1448, 0x14b5, 0x1523,
- 0x1592, 0x1603, 0x1674, 0x16e6, 0x1759, 0x17ce, 0x1843, 0x18b9,
- 0x1930, 0x19a9, 0x1a22, 0x1a9c, 0x1b17, 0x1b94, 0x1c11, 0x1c8f,
- 0x1d0e, 0x1d8e, 0x1e0f, 0x1e91, 0x1f14, 0x1f97, 0x201c, 0x20a2,
- 0x2128, 0x21b0, 0x2238, 0x22c2, 0x234c, 0x23d7, 0x2463, 0x24f0,
- 0x257d, 0x260c, 0x269b, 0x272c, 0x27bd, 0x284f, 0x28e2, 0x2976,
- 0x2a0a, 0x2aa0, 0x2b36, 0x2bcd, 0x2c65, 0x2cfd, 0x2d97, 0x2e31,
- 0x2ecc, 0x2f68, 0x3004, 0x30a2, 0x3140, 0x31df, 0x327e, 0x331f,
- 0x33c0, 0x3462, 0x3504, 0x35a8, 0x364c, 0x36f0, 0x3796, 0x383c,
- 0x38e3, 0x398a, 0x3a33, 0x3adb, 0x3b85, 0x3c2f, 0x3cda, 0x3d86,
- 0x3e32, 0x3ede, 0x3f8c, 0x403a, 0x40e8, 0x4198, 0x4248, 0x42f8,
- 0x43a9, 0x445b, 0x450d, 0x45c0, 0x4673, 0x4727, 0x47db, 0x4890,
- 0x4946, 0x49fc, 0x4ab2, 0x4b69, 0x4c21, 0x4cd9, 0x4d91, 0x4e4a,
- 0x4f04, 0x4fbe, 0x5078, 0x5133, 0x51ef, 0x52aa, 0x5367, 0x5423,
- 0x54e0, 0x559e, 0x565c, 0x571a, 0x57d9, 0x5898, 0x5958, 0x5a17,
- 0x5ad8, 0x5b98, 0x5c59, 0x5d1a, 0x5ddc, 0x5e9e, 0x5f60, 0x6023,
- 0x60e6, 0x61a9, 0x626c, 0x6330, 0x63f4, 0x64b8, 0x657d, 0x6642,
- 0x6707, 0x67cc, 0x6892, 0x6958, 0x6a1e, 0x6ae4, 0x6baa, 0x6c71,
- 0x6d38, 0x6dfe, 0x6ec6, 0x6f8d, 0x7054, 0x711c, 0x71e4, 0x72ac,
- 0x7374, 0x743c, 0x7504, 0x75cd, 0x7695, 0x775e, 0x7826, 0x78ef,
- 0x79b8, 0x7a81, 0x7b49, 0x7c12, 0x7cdb, 0x7da4, 0x7e6d, 0x7f36
+/* Used by the tone generator */
+#define SAMPLE_RATE 48000
+#define PI 180
+#define NOTE_A4 440

static struct vidtv_access_unit *vidtv_s302m_access_unit_init(struct vidtv_access_unit *head)
@@ -312,6 +183,22 @@ static void vidtv_s302m_compute_pts_v(struct vidtv_encoder *e)
static u16 vidtv_s302m_get_sample(struct vidtv_encoder *e)
u16 sample;
+ int pos;
+ if (!e->src_buf) {
+ /*
+ * Simple tone generator. For now, just generates a 440 Hz
+ * sinusoidal wave.
+ */
+ pos = (2 * PI * e->src_buf_offset * NOTE_A4 / SAMPLE_RATE);
+ if (pos == 360)
+ e->src_buf_offset = 0;
+ else
+ e->src_buf_offset++;
+ return (fixp_sin32(pos % (2 * PI)) >> 16) + 0x8000;
+ }

/* bug somewhere */
if (e->src_buf_offset > e->src_buf_sz) {
@@ -393,14 +280,11 @@ static u32 vidtv_s302m_write_h(struct vidtv_encoder *e, u32 p_sz)

static void vidtv_s302m_write_frames(struct vidtv_encoder *e)
- u32 nbytes = 0;
+ struct vidtv_access_unit *au = e->access_units;
u32 nbytes_per_unit = 0;
+ u32 nbytes = 0;
u32 au_sz = 0;
- struct vidtv_access_unit *au = e->access_units;
- u16 sample = 0;
+ u16 sample;
u32 j;

while (au) {
@@ -413,8 +297,10 @@ static void vidtv_s302m_write_frames(struct vidtv_encoder *e)
sample = vidtv_s302m_get_sample(e);
nbytes_per_unit += vidtv_s302m_write_frame(e, sample);

- e->sample_count++;
- e->src_buf_offset += sizeof(u16);
+ if (e->src_buf) {
+ e->sample_count++;
+ e->src_buf_offset += sizeof(u16);
+ }

au->nbytes = nbytes_per_unit;
@@ -503,8 +389,8 @@ struct vidtv_encoder

e->sample_count = 0;

- e->src_buf = (args.src_buf) ? args.src_buf : &s302m_sin_lut;
- e->src_buf_sz = (args.src_buf) ? args.src_buf_sz : S302M_SIN_LUT_NUM_ELEM * sizeof(u16);
+ e->src_buf = (args.src_buf) ? args.src_buf : NULL;
+ e->src_buf_sz = (args.src_buf) ? args.src_buf_sz : 0;
e->src_buf_offset = 0;

e->is_video_encoder = false;
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