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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 00/14] rtc: rx8010: use regmap instead of i2c smbus API
On Mon, 14 Sep 2020 17:45:47 +0200, Bartosz Golaszewski wrote:
> This series gets bigger and bigger but I noticed a problem with this
> driver that looks like stable material so I fixed it as the first patch
> in the series to make backporting easy.
> Other than that, there are new refactoring patches and I removed the
> unnecessary error messages.
> [...]

Applied, thanks!

[01/14] rtc: rx8010: don't modify the global rtc ops
commit: d3b14296da69adb7825022f3224ac6137eb30abf
[02/14] rtc: rx8010: remove a stray newline
commit: 2e0ce569102ccb1ca9bacc499c8411fb8fa53069
[03/14] rtc: rx8010: remove unnecessary brackets
commit: 28c86f30c979f9d4460dd7680610c3470b4d009b
[04/14] rtc: rx8010: consolidate local variables of the same type
commit: 75677971991940581e76bcd5176ea40d0baf8fcd
[05/14] rtc: rx8010: use tabs instead of spaces for code formatting
commit: e9e4c2dae4313b88c62ee9df9d177a71c23121b2
[06/14] rtc: rx8010: rename ret to err in rx8010_set_time()
commit: 13952c9e35384fd7f63a5ce8261108695491bb56
[07/14] rtc: rx8010: don't use magic values for time buffer length
commit: f702699c67d315e4a232c64801b2de9af87fd9f4
[08/14] rtc: rx8010: drop unnecessary initialization
commit: b3ff7fd68d925de2159a5312f28dcd178d0d3715
[09/14] rtc: rx8010: use a helper variable for client->dev in probe()
commit: 955a123c14906e3adc43d43281f8fde91f631f7f
[10/14] rtc: rx8010: prefer sizeof(*val) over sizeof(struct type_of_val)
commit: 666f21413b881e159efaf862f119d4d058fa2c4a
[11/14] rtc: rx8010: switch to using the preferred RTC API
commit: 0ce627785afa730d8f6568eb8738d1700cbc4569
[12/14] rtc: rx8010: switch to using the preferred i2c API
commit: cee015d90d96495d8376871af0f1a33027303d5e
[13/14] rtc: rx8010: convert to using regmap
commit: 9868bc1ce272dc0387488e779c585e7a12cf7a1b
[14/14] rtc: rx8010: use range checking provided by core RTC code
commit: 2fc1af3095af5cbcd8fc406610dc196b62e3ed21

Best regards,
Alexandre Belloni <>

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