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SubjectRe: [PATCH] docs: fb: Remove framebuffer scrollback option for boot
On 04:25 Wed 16 Sep 2020, Willy Tarreau wrote:
Thank you so much Willy. I am trying to get the essence of your mail ...few
responses below..

>your patches still all use very similar subjects and commit messages
>which are pretty confusing as they only differ by words unrelated to
>their real differences. It is important that the commit messages help
>the reader guess what is being touched, so if you're splitting your
>work into multiple patches, you need to indicate the difference in
>each message. What I can propose to make things clearer:
> docs: fb: Remove framebuffer scrollback boot option
> docs: fb: Remove matroxfb scrollback boot option
> docs: fb: Remove sstfb scrollback boot option
> docs: fb: Remove vesafb scrollback boot option
I would prefer to stick with this model , what you suggested with different
subject and more relevant text.

>Alternately they can all be merged into the first one under the same
>name, but then the detailed commit message should specifically list
>In addition below:
>On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 03:55:11AM +0530, Bhaskar Chowdhury wrote:
>> This patch remove the scrollback option under boot options.
>> Plus readjust the numbers for the options in that section.
>> Commit 973c096f6a85(vgacon: remove software scrollback support)
>> Commit 50145474f6ef(fbcon: remove soft scrollback code)
>This is still not clear. The message should indicate the "why" more
>than the "what" which can be figured from the patch. In addition,
>only the fbcon commit is a cause for these changes. Last, Greg
>mentioned that the format is 'commit xxx ("subject")'.
>What about this:
> The "scrollback" boot option was removed by commit 50145474f6ef
> ("fbcon: remove soft scrollback code"), but the doc for fbcon was
> not updated. This patch updates the fbcon doc and renumbers the
> sections.

I lost it head failed me you want me copy more information text
from the actual commit??

>If you merge all your patches together, you can have this:
> The "scrollback" boot option was removed by commit 50145474f6ef
> ("fbcon: remove soft scrollback code"), but the fb docs were not
> updated. This patch removes reference to this option in the fbcon,
> matroxfb, sstfb and vesafb docs and renumbers the sections as needed.
>And please increase your version so that it's more obvious that this
>replaces previous series. Call it v3 or v4 or whatever higher than
>the highest you've ever sent so that it's easier for your readers to
>ignore the older ones. Ideally after your signed-off-by you should
>add a "---" line with a quick changelog indicating what changed from
>the previous ones (just for reviewers, this will not be merged), for
Okay, before sending this new set ...yesterday I wrote a mail to everyone ,
that I wanted to get rid of this damn versioning thing and will sent patches
afresh. So, ask everyone involved please ignore what have sent previously and
that mail too. I am sure that missed your eyes ...and I understand why :)

But I am still reluctant to bump up the version number and would like to sent
all the 4 patches AFRESH(which has nothing to do with the previous patchtes I
have sent) .

Can I do that Willy???

> Signed-off-by: Bhaskar Chowdhury <>
> ---
> v3: clarify message description, update all fb drivers in the same patch
> v2: reword commit message
This chainlog of information in the patch getting spirial and not helpful
AFAIK. I mean, the version bumping and provide information appended to every
other following mail. If that is significant then I understand ...but for this thing....I
hope you get me...

>Hoping this helps,
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