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SubjectRe: [V9fs-developer] [PATCH RFC 0/4] 9p: fix open-unlink-f*syscall bug
On Montag, 14. September 2020 10:35:46 CEST Greg Kurz wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Sep 2020 11:37:50 +0800
> Jianyong Wu <> wrote:
> > open-unlink-f*syscall bug is a well-known bug in 9p, we try to fix the bug
> > in this patch set.
> > I take Eric's and Greg's patches which constiute the 1/4 - 3/4 of this
> > patch set as the main frame of the solution. In patch 4/4, I fix the fid
> > race issue exists in Greg's patch.
> IIRC some patches were needed on the QEMU side as well... I'm spending
> less time on 9pfs in QEMU, so Cc'ing the new maintainer:
> Christian Schoenebeck <>

AFAICS this is about this old bug report:

So yes, looks like this also requires changes to the 9pfs 'local' fs driver on
QEMU side:

Eric, Greg, would there be an easy way to establish QEMU test cases running
the 9pfs 'local' fs driver? Right now we only have 9pfs qtest cases for QEMU
which can only use the 'synth' driver, which is not helpful for such kind of

Best regards,
Christian Schoenebeck

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