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SubjectRe: [PATCH v18 00/32] per memcg lru_lock
On Mon, 24 Aug 2020, Andrew Morton wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Aug 2020 20:54:33 +0800 Alex Shi <> wrote:
> > The new version which bases on v5.9-rc2.

Well timed and well based, thank you Alex. Particulary helpful to me,
to include those that already went into mmotm: it's a surer foundation
to test on top of the -rc2 base.

> > the first 6 patches was picked into
> > linux-mm, and add patch 25-32 that do some further post optimization.
> 32 patches, version 18. That's quite heroic. I'm unsure whether I
> should merge it up at this point - what do people think?

I'd love for it to go into mmotm - but not today.

Version 17 tested out well. I've only just started testing version 18,
but I'm afraid there's been a number of "improvements" in between,
which show up as warnings (lots of VM_WARN_ON_ONCE_PAGE(!memcg) -
I think one or more of those are already in mmotm and under discussion
on the list, but I haven't read through yet, and I may have caught
more cases to examine; a per-cpu warning from munlock_vma_page();
something else flitted by at reboot time before I could read it).
No crashes so far, but I haven't got very far with it yet.

I'll report back later in the week.

Andrew demurred on version 17 for lack of review. Alexander Duyck has
been doing a lot on that front since then. I have intended to do so,
but it's a mirage that moves away from me as I move towards it: I have
some time in the coming weeks to get back to that, but it would help
me if the series is held more static by being in mmotm - we may need
fixes, but improvements are liable to get in the way of finalizing.

I still find the reliance on TestClearPageLRU, rather than lru_lock,
hard to wrap my head around: but for so long as it's working correctly,
please take that as a problem with my head (and something we can
certainly change later if necessary, by re-adding the use of lru_lock
in certain places (or by fitting me with a new head)).

> >
> > Following Daniel Jordan's suggestion, I have run 208 'dd' with on 104
> > containers on a 2s * 26cores * HT box with a modefied case:
> >
> > With this patchset, the readtwice performance increased about 80%
> > in concurrent containers.
> That's rather a slight amount of performance testing for a huge
> performance patchset!

Indeed. And I see that clause about readtwice performance increased 80%
going back eight months to v6: a lot of fundamental bugs have been fixed
in it since then, so I do think it needs refreshing. It could be faster
now: v16 or v17 fixed the last bug I knew of, which had been slowing
down reclaim considerably.

When I last timed my repetitive swapping loads (not loads anyone sensible
would be running with), across only two memcgs, Alex's patchset was
slightly faster than without: it really did make a difference. But
I tend to think that for all patchsets, there exists at least one
test that shows it faster, and another that shows it slower.

> Is more detailed testing planned?

Not by me, performance testing is not something I trust myself with,
just get lost in the numbers: Alex, this is what we hoped for months
ago, please make a more convincing case, I hope Daniel and others
can make more suggestions. But my own evidence suggests it's good.


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