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Subject[PATCH 4.19 88/92] khugepaged: retract_page_tables() remember to test exit
From: Hugh Dickins <>

commit 18e77600f7a1ed69f8ce46c9e11cad0985712dfa upstream.

Only once have I seen this scenario (and forgot even to notice what forced
the eventual crash): a sequence of "BUG: Bad page map" alerts from
vm_normal_page(), from zap_pte_range() servicing exit_mmap();
pmd:00000000, pte values corresponding to data in physical page 0.

The pte mappings being zapped in this case were supposed to be from a huge
page of ext4 text (but could as well have been shmem): my belief is that
it was racing with collapse_file()'s retract_page_tables(), found *pmd
pointing to a page table, locked it, but *pmd had become 0 by the time
start_pte was decided.

In most cases, that possibility is excluded by holding mmap lock; but
exit_mmap() proceeds without mmap lock. Most of what's run by khugepaged
checks khugepaged_test_exit() after acquiring mmap lock:
khugepaged_collapse_pte_mapped_thps() and hugepage_vma_revalidate() do so,
for example. But retract_page_tables() did not: fix that.

The fix is for retract_page_tables() to check khugepaged_test_exit(),
after acquiring mmap lock, before doing anything to the page table.
Getting the mmap lock serializes with __mmput(), which briefly takes and
drops it in __khugepaged_exit(); then the khugepaged_test_exit() check on
mm_users makes sure we don't touch the page table once exit_mmap() might
reach it, since exit_mmap() will be proceeding without mmap lock, not
expecting anyone to be racing with it.

Fixes: f3f0e1d2150b ("khugepaged: add support of collapse for tmpfs/shmem pages")
Signed-off-by: Hugh Dickins <>
Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <>
Acked-by: Kirill A. Shutemov <>
Cc: Andrea Arcangeli <>
Cc: Mike Kravetz <>
Cc: Song Liu <>
Cc: <> [4.8+]
Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
mm/khugepaged.c | 22 +++++++++++++---------
1 file changed, 13 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

--- a/mm/khugepaged.c
+++ b/mm/khugepaged.c
@@ -1251,6 +1251,7 @@ static void collect_mm_slot(struct mm_sl
static void retract_page_tables(struct address_space *mapping, pgoff_t pgoff)
struct vm_area_struct *vma;
+ struct mm_struct *mm;
unsigned long addr;
pmd_t *pmd, _pmd;

@@ -1264,7 +1265,8 @@ static void retract_page_tables(struct a
if (vma->vm_end < addr + HPAGE_PMD_SIZE)
- pmd = mm_find_pmd(vma->vm_mm, addr);
+ mm = vma->vm_mm;
+ pmd = mm_find_pmd(mm, addr);
if (!pmd)
@@ -1273,14 +1275,16 @@ static void retract_page_tables(struct a
* re-fault. Not ideal, but it's more important to not disturb
* the system too much.
- if (down_write_trylock(&vma->vm_mm->mmap_sem)) {
- spinlock_t *ptl = pmd_lock(vma->vm_mm, pmd);
- /* assume page table is clear */
- _pmd = pmdp_collapse_flush(vma, addr, pmd);
- spin_unlock(ptl);
- up_write(&vma->vm_mm->mmap_sem);
- mm_dec_nr_ptes(vma->vm_mm);
- pte_free(vma->vm_mm, pmd_pgtable(_pmd));
+ if (down_write_trylock(&mm->mmap_sem)) {
+ if (!khugepaged_test_exit(mm)) {
+ spinlock_t *ptl = pmd_lock(mm, pmd);
+ /* assume page table is clear */
+ _pmd = pmdp_collapse_flush(vma, addr, pmd);
+ spin_unlock(ptl);
+ mm_dec_nr_ptes(mm);
+ pte_free(mm, pmd_pgtable(_pmd));
+ }
+ up_write(&mm->mmap_sem);

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