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Subjectout of bounds access on array error_text[] because of -ETIMEDOUT return from __send_command()

static analysis with coverity has found a buffer overflow issue with the
brcmstb driver, I believe it may have been introduced with the following

commit a7c25759d8d84b64c437a78f05df7314b02934e5
Author: Markus Mayer <>
Date: Tue Apr 2 16:01:00 2019 -0700

memory: brcmstb: dpfe: wait for DCPU to be ready

The static analysis is as follows for the source file
/drivers/memory/brcmstb_dpfe.c :

684 static ssize_t generic_show(unsigned int command, u32 response[],
685 struct brcmstb_dpfe_priv *priv, char *buf)
686 {
687 int ret;
1. Condition !priv, taking false branch.

689 if (!priv)
690 return sprintf(buf, "ERROR: driver private data not
2. return_constant: Function call __send_command(priv, command,
response) may return -110.
3. assignment: Assigning: ret = __send_command(priv, command,
response). The value of ret is now -110.

692 ret = __send_command(priv, command, response);
4. Condition ret < 0, taking true branch.

693 if (ret < 0)

Out-of-bounds read (OVERRUN)
5. overrun-local: Overrunning array error_text of 6 8-byte elements
at element index 110 (byte offset 887) using index -ret (which evaluates
to 110).
694 return sprintf(buf, "ERROR: %s\n", error_text[-ret]);
696 return 0;
697 }

Function __send_command() can return -ETIMEDOUT and this causes an
out-of-bounds access on error_text[].


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