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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/7] PCI: Keep the ACS capability offset in device
On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 09:49:37PM -0700, Rajat Jain wrote:
> Currently this is being looked up at a number of places. Read and store it
> once at bootup so that it can be used by all later.

Write the commit log so it is complete even without the subject.
Right now, you have to read the subject to know what "this" refers to.

The subject is like the title; the log is like the body of an article.
The title isn't *part* of the article, so the article has to make
sense all by itself.

> +static void pci_enable_acs(struct pci_dev *dev);

I don't think we need this forward declaration, do we?

> @@ -4653,7 +4653,7 @@ static int pci_quirk_intel_spt_pch_acs(struct pci_dev *dev, u16 acs_flags)
> if (!pci_quirk_intel_spt_pch_acs_match(dev))
> return -ENOTTY;
> - pos = pci_find_ext_capability(dev, PCI_EXT_CAP_ID_ACS);
> + pos = dev->acs_cap;

I assume you verified that all these quirks are FINAL quirks, since
pci_init_capabilities() is called after HEADER quirks. I'll
double-check before applying this.


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