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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] x86/bus_lock: Enable bus lock detection
Date writes:
> On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 08:40:57PM +0000, Fenghua Yu wrote:
>> Can we disable Bus Lock Detection before handle it and re-enable it
>> after handle it? Will that resolve the recursion issue?
> Because WRMSR is cheap, right?
> You have to unconditionally {dis,en}able it on #DB entry/exit. Not only
> when it's a DR_BUS_LOCK, _always_. Then maybe. I'm too tired to think
> through the IST mess.
> IST's suck, they're horrible crap.
> Suppose we get a #DB, then we get an NMI right before it does WRMSR, so
> BUS_LOCK is still on, then the NMI does a dodgy LOCK op, we die.
> So that means, you get to disable it on every NMI-like exception too,
> but we happen to care about performance for those, you loose.
> Also, what happens if you have a hardware watchpoint on the instruction
> that causes DR_BUS_LOCK? Does that work as expected?

Q: Why on earth are Intel hardware folks cramming this into #DB?
A: Just because there was a bit left in DR6 to indicate it, right?

Q: Why can't hardware folks talk to us _before_ they make the x86 exception
trainwreck even worse?
A: Just because they know that we'd tell them to go back to the drawing

Q: Is that going to be supported by the kernel?
A: No, go back to the drawing board and talk to us _before_ coming back
with the next half thought out tinkerware cast in silicon.

I'm really tired of wasting time dealing with such misfeatures which create
more problems than they solve.



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